Command Reference

This page provides a list of built-in commands that are supported by the Mutter IRC client.  The commands can be typed into the message box and are preceded by a slash ("/") - use a double slash ("//") at the start of the message if you do not wish the command to be interpreted by Mutter.  The documentation uses angle brackets to denote what is placed in the encapsulated field, and square brackets to denote optional arguments. 


AWAY [<reason>]

Sets you away with optional reason


BAN <mask>

Bans everyone matching the mask in the current channel


BLOCK [<nick|mask>]

Blocks all messages and events matching the nick or mask.

- omit arguments to list all blocks



Lists the acknowledged capabilities that are enabled for the connection


CLEAR [<all>|<consoles>|<channels>|<queries>]

Clear the text in the current view or for the specified chat type


CNICK [<nick>|<nick> <colour>]

Assigns a hex colour to the nickname; this will override the derived colour

- omit arguments to list all colour assignments

- omit colour argument to remove the colour assignment for the specified nick


CTCP <nick> <message>

Sends CTCP message to nick



Parts and rejoins the current channel



Outputs the date and time to the current channel or query


DEHOP <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Removes half-op status from nick(s)


DEOP <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Removes op status from nick(s)


DEVOICE <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Removes voice status from nick(s)


FLIP <message>

Sends message upside down to channel or nick.


HOP <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Gives half-op status to nick(s)


ISON <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Show if nick(s) are online or not


JOIN [<channel> [<key>]]

Joins the channel with optional key


KICK <nick> [<reason>]

Kicks the nick from channel with optional reason


KICKBAN <nick> [<reason>]

Kicks and bans the nick from channel with optional reason



List channels on network


ME <action>

Sends action to current channel


MODE <mode> [<mode params>]

Sets mode


MSG <channel|nick> <message>

Sends a private message to channel or nick



Forces the current application state to be synchronised to disk


NOTICE <channel|nick> <message>

Sends notice to channel or nick



Announces the song currently being played


OP <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Gives op status to nick(s)



Leaves the current channel


QUERY <nick> [<message>]

Opens up a new private message with nick and sends optional message



Disconnect from current server



Sends text in raw form to server


REVERSE [<message>]

Sends message in reverse to the channel or nick


SET [<key>] [<value>]

Sets a custom property which can be used as alias variable (e.g. $greet)

- omit the value to remove a property with the matching key

- omit the key and value to list all properties



Output system information to the current channel/query


TOPIC [<topic>]

Sets the topic or shows channel topic


UNBLOCK <mask>

Removes user with the matching mask from the block list



Output application and system uptime to the current channel/query


VOICE <nick> [<nick2>] ...

Gives voice status to nick(s)


WHO <nick>

Shows short information about nick


WHOIS <nick>

Shows long information about nick


WHOWAS <nick>

Shows information about nick that has just left