Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are supported?

Mutter supports the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and is optimised for each device.  There are currently no plans to support OS X.


How do I install Mutter on an iOS device?

Launch the App Store app on your iOS device and search for Mutter IRC.  Once you have located the app, tap download to install on your device.


Why does Mutter disconnect in the background after 3 minutes?

Apple introduced a change in iOS 7 onwards that suspends background processes after 3 minutes.  The only applications that are exempt from this are: Music player apps, Audio recording apps, SatNav apps, and VoIP apps.  Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this.  We recommend that you use a ZNC server (, but appreciate this is not practical for everyone.


What is ZNC and how can I use it?

ZNC is an IRC network bouncer.  It can be used to detach the Mutter IRC client from an IRC server while staying connected indefinitely. ZNC is the preferred IRC bouncer for the Mutter IRC client and provides many features that are not available with other IRC bouncers.  We recommend that you use a ZNC server ( for the most optimum experience.


Is there a quick way to clear down the message counts?

Yes, simply shake your device while mutter is in the foreground and the message counts will be cleared.

How do I connect to a ZNC server?

To connect to a ZNC server you will need the Server Address, Server Port, SSL value, Username, Password, and a Network Name for the connection. This can be accomplished by clicking on the '+' symbol to add a new connection.  A window will appear with the field names.  Enter the Network Name into the Network field and the Server Address into the Server field.  Then click on 'Advanced', and enter the Server Port into the Port field; Password into the first Password field; set the SSL value using the Use SSL encryption switch; and finally the Username in the Username field.  After these steps are complete, you are ready to connect to your ZNC server.


Is there a way for Mutter to avoid repetitive ZNC buffer playback?

It is recommended that you use the advanced ZNC playback module which makes it possible for Mutter to request partial buffer playback starting from where it left off - this avoids the undesired repetitive buffer playback.


Does Mutter support Push Notifications?

Yes, they are supported through the Mutter Push ZNC module, and triggered on: keywords, phrases, or when someone mentions your nickname.  You can install the Mutter Push ZNC module for Push Notifications here


How do I configure my password for Nickserv identification?

Click on 'Advanced' in the Connection settings, and enter your Nickserv password into the Password field under the Authentication Settings section.

How do I connect using SASL?

Mutter supports SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer), which when configured correctly will use SASL PLAIN authentication providing the IRC server that is being connected to supports it.  You can enable SASL on a connection by clicking on 'Advanced' in the Connection settings, and switching the Use SASL to the on position.  In the Authentication Settings, enter your Username into the Username field, and Password into the Password field.  After the steps are complete, you are ready to connect to your IRC server using SASL.


Where does Mutter store passwords and channel keys?

Mutter uses the iOS keychain to securely store Server Passwords, Authentication Passwords, and Channel Keys. 


How do I get the /np command to work with my Spotify account?

The /np command can retrieve and announce the currently playing track on your Spotify account. To enable this, you will need to link your Spotify account to Mutter from the Manage Services setting (Edit > Settings > Manage Services).