Setting up ZNC

ZNC is an IRC network bouncer.  It can be used to detach the Mutter IRC client from an IRC server while staying connected indefinitely. ZNC is the preferred IRC bouncer for the Mutter IRC client and provides many features (inline timestamps in playback buffer, etc) that are not available with other IRC bouncers such as BNC.  We recommend that you use a ZNC server ( for the most optimum experience.


To connect to a ZNC server you will need the following items of information for the connection settings:

  • Server Address - the hostname or IP address of where the ZNC server is hosted
  • Server Port - the port number that the ZNC server is configured to use
  • SSL - whether the ZNC server accepts SSL connections
  • Username - the username configured on the ZNC server
  • Password - the password configured on the ZNC server 

To setup the connection, click on the '+' symbol to add a new connection.  A window will appear with the field names.  Follow the next steps fill in the fields:

  1. Enter the Network Name for the connection (e.g. Free node ZNC) in the Network field
  2. Enter the Server Address (e.g. into the Server field
  3. Click on 'Advanced'
  4. Enter the Server Port into the Port field
  5. Enter the Password into the Password field in the Connection Settings section
  6. Set the Use SSL encryption switch on of your ZNC server accepts SSL connections
  7. Enter the Username in the Username field

After these steps are complete, you are ready to connect to your ZNC server. 


It is recommended that you also take a look at the advanced ZNC playback module which makes it possible for Mutter to request partial buffer playback starting from where it left off - this avoids the undesired repetitive buffer playback.